About Glasgow’s Whisky Club

GWC is in its sixth seventh year. It was started by a small group of friends who shared a love of whisky – the original like-minded souls. It grew steadily and organically, each new member becoming a friend, each new friend becoming a valuable drinking buddy. Our original home was the Pot Still in Hope Street where we were welcomed by the genial and generous mine host. Ken Storrie. Ken sadly passed away in November 2010.

As the club grew, it became too big for the cosy mezzanine floor in the Pot Still, and initially we moved across the road to Ken’s new venture, the Cask and Still. We missed the whisky bar vibe, though and a couple of years ago we shifted to the Bon Accord Ale House and Malt Whisky Bar.

We were welcomed as friends by Paul McDonagh, his son Thomas, and every member of staff. The last Tuesday of the month became ‘soup and steak pie night’ as we put a lining in our stomachs for the now traditional Round the Barrel night.

We share plenty of whisky and plenty of laughs, for whisky is a convivial companion. Our tutored tastings have outgrown the Bon Accord too, so we now ‘hit the road’ for nights that need a bigger venue. The Bon will always be our home though for our RTB evenings, as long as Paul and co will have us.

If you’re interested in joining our waiting list – yes we have people queueing up to get in – please send us an email to info@glasgowswhiskyclub.com

Call in to our online presence too. We’ll have regular updates and pictures of the goings on at Glasgow’s Whisky Club while we enjoy a dram – not a drama.

2 Responses to About Glasgow’s Whisky Club

  1. Grant says:

    Strange request but I met a girl called Mirriam last year through my work. She’s from Luxembourg originally. Lost touch with when she went to south Africa. Think she was possibly a member of ur club. Can u help me get in touch with her. Not on Facebook so can’t look for her thru that. Thanks, grant

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Hi, I’m a member of the Highland Circle Whisky Club visiting you two years agow. You Drove us around at the end of our boat journey to a Whisky festival.
    With two other members we will be in Glasgow on Monday.
    Perhaps we can meet?

    Yours Wolfgang

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